Thursday, May 6, 2010

swallows & kitties

i finally saw the much talked-about zara dress for myself while out shopping last weekend
love how it looks <3 but it's popping out almost everywhere
+ see how to get fashionzen's diy miu miu swallow skirt. amazing!
via alicepoint // fashionzen // cherryblossomgirl


jack bespoke said...

you have such captivating images here, will be following.

hope u can make it over to mine, i think we share the same love in aesthetics


Fashion Monstre said...

i need to go to zara NOOOWW!! i can't stand how its almost an hour away from my house!
and by the way i am madly in love with your blog, its ADORABLLEE

christine ◘ tie me a bow said...

I am in LoVE with the whole zara spring collection!! I'm officially shopping there all season.

I really like your blog! Did I tell you this already? Haha. It has all kinds of beautiful things I fancy! :D


Zoe_Flood said...

really enjoy your inspiring images, I love miu miu but its so expensive,

Brunch girls said...

Wow, great post!
Also.. we are obsessed with your blog!!
Love, love, love it!!!

Esther said...

thank you for all the nice comments about my blog :)
i'm glad too that you girls like what i post <3

Bionica said...

these are sooo fun =)


Mila said...

Such a great and inspiring post!
Loving the clothes, but most of all the beautiful hair of the girls!


rouli said...

so coooooooooool post!!!!!!

love love love!!!

the first 2 girls are amazing!!!!!!their outfits are so perfect!!!!!!

omg want their shoes!!!!!!

cool blog girl!

come visit and join!


Ria said...

I found you initially because you commented on the knits knightcat posted just thought I'd let you know it's available cheaper via

Anyway I totoally bought the zara dress today! It looked darker like richer in the lookbook so I was kinda disappointed but it's still really cute. I really can't get enough of the Miu Miu print. I just really want the collar around it. That's all that's missing to make it perfect.

Esther said...

thank you ria :) i'm pretty sure the collar can be diy-ed somehow!

LUU H. said...

ah, i need to go zara store soon ! i want the kitten dress so badly !

sharonlei said...

I will definitely need to try making my very own sallow skirt!

xx Love & Aloha

camerafilmroll said...

I absolutely love the Miu Miu collection so much!!!