Monday, May 10, 2010

rise of an eastern sun

i'm going to hongkong in one week's time! :)
& looking at these lovely pictures of fashionistas parading in their shorts can't get me more hyped up about my trip

plus, i just came to know that i've won christine's little giveaway of a marc jacobs pocket mirror. it came as such a shock but also as a very very happy surprise because i've never won anything before except for the mixed cd featuring celine dion's 'power of love' that i won from my local newspaper almost 10 years ago. ( that song is still one of my favourites till now! )

if you haven't come across christine's blog tie me a bow yet, i suggest you do so right right now because she takes some of the loveliest photos ever. you can always tell that she spends alot of time preparing her photos & posts and i always have so much pleasure reading them.

yup so what with my recent purchase of the amazing sartorialist street fashion book ( that i've painstakingly wrapped & promise to take super good care of ) over the weekend & winning christine's giveaway today, i'm pretty much a very happy girl now :) & as audrey hepburn says:

streetstyle pictures via hanneli, studdedhearts, rvca, mrnewton & various



Loving the street styles. Especially just the simple ones that can look beyond amazing. Awesome blog! I'll follow you, so follow me if you'd like :)

Zoe_Flood said...

gah I love your inspiration, the top photos are so lovely

Anonymous said...

i am not a shorts girl, but these photos are so chic and gorgeous. thanks for sharing.


xo Alison

Taj Acosta said...

Hi doll, I just found your blog today and love it! These are great photos ;) xoxo

christine ◘ tie me a bow said...

AHH! Thanks so much for the plug dearrrry! ♥♥♥!
I tried to send you an email but realize that you didn't leave it in the comment of the giveaway and I can't find it on your blog. *Can you please email me your shipping info to* THANK YOU! :D

YOU'RE GOING TO HONG KONG? I am sooo jealous! :) I went there last summer and literally left my heart there. How long will you be there for? I hope you have SO SO SO so much fun! ^^

As usual, such great photos of pretty things! The first girl's outfit is so cute. Love her top the most.

Hope you have a wonderful week! : )

camerafilmroll said...

Loving the first outfit! Have fun in Hong Kong!

Isabelle said...

lurrrvve the first pair of shorts++uber jealous you're going to hongkong!!!!! i know you'll have a ton of fun

fashionisfueledbyobsession said...

love all the outfits!

followed =D
come check mine out


Constance said...

Gorgeous outfit photos!

emily viveur said...

lovelovelove these looks, especially the first one! wonderful quote too.
have loads of fun in hk, i just got back from there about a month ago :)

Kendr▲ said...

You have an amazing blog and your photos are a great source of style inspiration!
Will defiantly be back for more :)

Hope you can come visit mine and maybe follow or link back :)

PreteMoiParis said...

aaah. My thighs aren't ready for these yet... quick to the gym!