Wednesday, February 24, 2010

jessica stam for aldo spring

jessican stam + terry richardson + aldo (more)
(credit; racked national)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

oysho spring/summer '10

nyfw 2010: marchesa fall/winter

(source: second city style & coutorture)

loving this collection alot
the bows, the glitter, the feathers & frills
the whole femininity of it

the incorporation of old-fashioned charm into rather modern pieces
i thought they also did a great job of that
the short little dresses, tight blazers.. & the bootie shoes!

An old-fashioned circus theme was a perfect choice for the elaborate majesty that is Marchesa. Inspired by the vaudevillian stateliness of Eliza Rosanna Gilbert, known by her stage name Lola Montez, Marchesa's fall '10 collection was a dramatic display of courtesan-like confections. Like a classic circus-tent exhibition, models were placed in vignettes of twos and threes, set against a black, curtained backdrop for the fully stunning effect of the exquisite silhouettes. Curlicued folds of tulle, silk chiffon and organza cascaded in every which way, making each model the most decadent installation of living art. Styles ran the gamut from wispy and flirty—adorned with feathers and bows or cinched in soft tumbles—to sexy with nude mesh panels and glittering black lace embroidery, to jaw-dropping glam with three dimensional pinwheels unfurling down a gown like colored smoke. Some of the looks, like the column gowns with cascading pastel chiffon or metallic silk, answered the question that many fashion critics have been asking on the whereabouts of true red carpet fashion. Clearly, Marchesa aims to remedy the currently tepid tone of Hollywood since any one of his show-stopping looks would greatly help the red carpet back to its beloved status.

Friday, February 19, 2010

the fashion world is the loneliest place on the face of the planet

When Kate's drug scandal hit the headlines the following year, losing her lucrative contracts with many labels, it was McQueen who put her back on the catwalk. Not in person, but as a filmed hologram. Kate's ghostly apparition materialised in a glass pyramid, floating and swirling in slow motion in an extravagantly ruffled gown. The assembled fashion editors were transfixed. McQueen took his bow at the end of the show in a T shirt emblazoned with the slogan We Love You, Kate!

"It’s been fashion, fashion, fashion...but what about him as a person? That’s the real loss and the real waste. It’s not that he made women look great, it’s that he was a beautiful bloke, a really beautiful person with a big heart. The truth is, the fashion world is the loneliest place on the face of the planet. It’s a shallow world full of party people and party 'friends'. Lee knew that."


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

+plaid +floral +lace +burgundy

i love the deep rich colours of autumn & winter fashion
all-black/leather/studs is becoming too much for me

(sources: thesartorialist, tumblr)

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