Friday, April 30, 2010

spring butterfly

most amazing editorial ever <3
via fancy italy at tfs

natalia v

adore natalia & her smile. and how effortless her sense of style comes along
via jak & jill

Thursday, April 29, 2010


old-time classics <3
via garance dore & tmagazine

so don't get any ideas

        this is my suicide dress
        she told him
        i only wear it on days
        when i’m afraid
        i might kill myself
        if i don’t wear it

        you’ve been wearing it
        every day since we met
        he said

        and these are my arson gloves
        so you don’t set fire to something?

        he asked


        and this is my terrorism lipstick
        my assault and battery eyeliner
        my armed robbery boots

        i’d like to undress you he said
        but would that make me an accomplice?

        and today she said i’m wearing
        my infidelity underwear
        so don’t get any ideas

        and she put on her nervous breakdown hat
        and walked out the door

          — what she was wearing, denver butson

natalia vodianova // linadimoda // abbey lee x2 // jessica stam

table art

ultra inspiring! i'm going to pay more attention to my table from now on
photographs by hilda.grahnat

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

granma's knits

neat knits <3
via jak&jill and gamiori

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

spring makes my fever right

amazing stuff:
'accordian vest' by peachoo + krejberg
& editorials that remind me of spring

Monday, April 26, 2010

one nine seven one

i was looking around asos and stumbled yet again upon another really gorgeous label, reiss. its women's collection really impressed me and i'm so so in love with every single outfit. especially the way they style their pants, i'm so in awe because i can never ever get pants right; i always end up looking & feeling so un-feminine in them. but reiss styles them so prettily you can't wait to slip right into their clothes.

i'm most impressed by their grey sweatpants because i've come across a number of really stylish people wearing sweatpants but still disliked their outfits because i find the sweatpants too frumpy and un-polished & feel it spoilt the whole outfit. until i saw reiss! pure genius.

reiss makes me think of it as a cross between chole (for its feminity) + zara (for its practicality)

it also has a line called 1971 that is more modern with trendier and edgier designs but no less gorgeous, keeping to its promise of making women feel real good about themselves <3

best part is that, asos stocks them! though at a hefty price

rachel comey spring'10

rachel comey spring'10
love the vintagesque style of the clothes, the playful prints & the short patterned dresses fit for spring
i've so so many favourites from her collection but one of the top would be that cute alfresco halter cropped top <3
via & various

Sunday, April 25, 2010

spring green, big hair & rainbow rings

is it me or is she walking around without shoes?!

freja & lily sporting leather and neon nailpolish. i love love love lily's legs <3

ending off with big fluffy wavy hair <3
via altamiranyc & various

Friday, April 23, 2010

come, summer

i can't wait for summer
photos by altamiranyc