Wednesday, April 21, 2010


so, this label has been popping up on almost every other blog, & i'm just as in love with the clothes as everybody is. every single piece looks so wearable & intricate that don't really need any more styling to make people fall in love with them. designed by rachel easting & anjali stewart, two friends who both have backgrounds in fashion design & art, twentysevennames is fast gaining popularity. it has since opened stores across australia, hong kong & the uk, including new zealand where it was born four years ago. can't wait to see it's upcoming summer line!

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Rose said...

i love this!!! 27names completely went over my head, i never came across it until your post! so i am so thankful, thank you for having a good taste. ;)
these items are soooo beautiful, i want them all!
xoxo, rose