Sunday, May 2, 2010

lonely hearts s/s'10 "love all"

so so good <3
"The collection, Love All, draws from disparate influences - tennis-style pieces, all pleated and pastels, alongside leather - a kinda good girl gone bad feel - it's what the label does best! Preppy dresses, the longer lengths, pastels, plaids, prints (which are inspired by the animal drawings of Alan Aldridge and Jan Svankmajer's 1988 surrealist film Alice) and the embroidery on the pockets which were created by illustrator Kelly Thompson - they're like naughty Lacoste/school blazer crests. Shots styled by ex-Russh editor Natalie Shukur and shot by Rene Vaile."



Miri said...

What a lovely collection, it reminds me of "See by ChloƩ".

Vinda Sonata said...

i love all dresses! the 31st and the 19th looks are awesome. my fav is the 31st by the way. what a beautiful all-black look!

Lucy said...

Lovely collection!! I would love to own something!!

christine ◘ tie me a bow said...

I enjoy your blog, love it's simplicity. :)

This collection is so dreamy. I love the florals, sheers and ruffles.

priyi said...

i love these outfits and the model too. it looks all too dreamy. florals for spring :)