Monday, May 31, 2010

supernovas & clouds in the head


zara zara zara zara zara zara zara zara zara zara zara zara


alexa chung's fabulous little pad with her thick bedsheets & starlights


antique oak shelves, lovely vintage ornaments & persian carpets


floating around in rainbow days


fabulous ginger hair!


white blonde too :)


awesome legs & equally superb accompanying shoes


huge black rings & stunningly edgy accessories


chanel's super luxurious oversized quilted bag


getting lost in a good book


sequins & blingblings all over the body


the engraved mac laptop that p. diddy gave to peter lindbergh (super awesome!)


starry nights & universe patterns


the perfect pair of rugged looking shorts


cute animal cookies to eat at the end of the day <3

sources (if i can remember where they're from :P) can be found from picture names


LUU H. said...

ntaw, the animal cookies are so sweet and cute !

Constance said...

Gorgeous inspiration! I too want all of this!!

Amy T said...

oo lovely images.
and the second zara skirt... oh wowowow. i need and i want.

Briana Le & Merissa Ren said...

I love all of this.
especially all of the zara skirts!

Clare said...

love love love everything... esp. that chanel bag and that galaxy lp! x

Diana Mieczan said...

I love Zara and that long skirt is on my must buy list! The photos are amazing...especially the cookies:)
Kisses and hope to see you soon:)
Ps: Great post, girl!

christine ◘ tie me a bow said...

siggggh, i kid you not. i visit your blog and i just die. where do i even start?! zarazarazarazara indeed. i just spent a hefty amount there over the weekend. that chanel bag is zommmg.! i wish i had one... WISH. and those cookies are just too cute to eat.

how was your hong kong trip!!!? maybe i should read through your previous entries, maybe you've already blogged about it. :)

lacee said...

love the photos of Alexa Chung!