Sunday, May 30, 2010

fashionable eats

the mcfancy ad campaign styled by amy moss for the cool hunter & photographed by marija ivkovic
"(mcfancy is) a pitch to mcdonalds for an upmarket pop-up restaurant for fashion week
the concept was to give mcdonalds food a complete makeover and re-brand
the fast food giant with an aesthetic suitable for a 5 star restaurant."

part art installation, part gathering spot and, part restaurant
offering the traditional macs menu but packaged in a way that makes a playful
yet stylish nod to the lifestyle of the highly desirable, influential fashion week people


mcdonalds is the best thing that can happen to you during those 1am hunger pangs :)
though i wonder how many from the body-conscious fashion world would really eat macs during fashion week

also, meet amy moss from eatdrinkchic
a fashion/art/design blog that's full of eye candies & diy goodies
for eg, her diy ice-cream parlour. how cool is that! find out how to have your own here

via eatdrinkchic & thecoolhunter


jess said...

The prettiest post I've ever seen. I agree with you; not sure how much maccas they'd sell during fashion week! That make your own ice cream thing is absoloutley divine and my mouth is droooooooling!

Fashion Monstre said...

how adorable!! i really wish i could have anyone of those little fashionable delights!

Sewon said...

The McFancy is kind of ridiculous and awesome. P.S. Thanks for the Eat Drink Chic rec!

 Kim said...

junk food never looked so glamorous, and sweets never looked so sweet. yummmm.x

Lucy said...

Omg!! I love this!!

Maria said...

ok I love it!

Diana Mieczan said...

I love this...Great post and you have a beautiful blog here:)
Kisses and I cant wait to see more:)

christine ◘ tie me a bow said...

this is soooo inspirational!
such a clever idea. i've seen chanel food in past editorials, but this pitch would be just genius, i hope they go through with it.