Wednesday, May 26, 2010


i miss the incredibly long walks all over hong kong
miss hearing the cantonese that people use everywhere
the huge huge neon lights and hongkong's hustle & bustle (even at 1am!)
the scout to find good food & massage parlours after a whole day of sightseeing
miss hearing my friends complain about the countless flights of stairs everywhere
miss gasping in (mock) horror at & joking around in our small small hotel room
gasping in (real) horror at $20+ tequila shots in hk clubs & missing the $3 ones in singapore
trying out all sorts of weird animal parts in tiny, dodgy-looking street stalls
marveling at their amazing mtr stations (with exits from a to p!)
buying sticks of siewmai & squids while waiting for the drizzles to stop

i've been back for barely 24 hours & already i miss my time in hongkong so much :(

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