Thursday, May 13, 2010

cruise cool & chic

elisa sednaoui

diane kruger

chanel cruise collection at st. topez
i normally don't go crazy over chanel's clothes
but this cruise collection is totally what i would wear if i (ever had the chance to) go a resort!
view the whole collection here

love love love elisa's dress too <3
via les mads & nitrolicious


lynnette said...

this collection is awesome!! :D soo many lovely dresses that i'd wear in a heartbeat (no matter that i don't have the height for a lot of them lulz).

looks like the catwalk was held on the streets eh?? what a novel idea! =D

Miri said...

Looooove <3

Constance said...

Ohhh its all so pretty!

 Kim said...

This is a fabulous post, i love the pastel colours. I especially love the cream mini dress. It's perfection. x.x

agnes said...

j'adore, de superbes photos

emily viveur said...

same here! i love all the long, flowing dresses. so pretty and perfect.

Chris W. said...

I totaly agree. I don't really like Chanel usually, but this is what I want to wear.


Anonymous said...

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