Monday, November 22, 2010

do you know that zara means blooming flower?

let's make a bet, do you think zara can produce a better lookbook the next time?
i always think they can't do any better.. & then when the next one comes out, it just makes my heart flutter so
cross my heart, i think i really do adore almost all the looks here <3


Erica said...

Zara is wonderful! I don't think I can go into that store without buying something, which is dangerous. ;)


I love zara as well, and absolutely love these collection. Awesome post!

Tash said...

Zara is such a beautiful name.
loing these looks they are very relaxed. my favourites are 1,2,9 and 11

Perverse Beauty said...

Sigh. I have a love//hate relationship with this post.

Love: It's amazing. The styling is incredible.
Hate: I'm lusting over everything here.


Love the blog by the way! Definitely following. If you have time please check out mine as well.