Friday, November 19, 2010


i'm on a current rampage in a search for beautifully decorated rooms because my exams will end next tuesday (yes!) & i've made up my mind to tidy up & do a little re-decoration of my room. or as much as i'm allowed to, since i share the room with my sister who doesn't really share the same craze over intricacies like i do. hmmm.

well that aside, i love how this scandinavian couple decorated their home by starting with a clean white canvas before throwing together beautiful colours & furniture, such as that artistically crafted bohemian beanbag in the first picture. how beautiful that would look in a room, coupled with the ceiling decor & that golden frame from the previous post! i also adore the subtle but sublime palette of pink/purple & green throughout the home. i'm in total interior decoration heaven.

photos by morten holtum
via frenchbydesign


Fashion Monstre said...

ughh! i love redecorating!!! i've been redoing my bathroom for a more than a month now but its looking gorg so far!!! the white walls are always a MUST

Nata Amores said...

This is so gorgeous!
Makes me want to hit up antique/vintage stores and redecorate my entire home.
aw, it's so peaceful.

Perverse Beauty said...

How exciting it must be to finish exams!! This post hits really close to home for me because I LOVE redecorating my room...all the time.

xx - Lera