Friday, November 12, 2010

all the more to feel you

amazing patterns, textures, & ruffles :) in the past i was usually afraid of buying clothes that teetered from the minimalistic look, using the excuse that simple looks were more classic & suit me better. but ever since i begun the habit of browsing streetstyle blogs the amazing patterns & textures have inspired me so much! they look so fun & something as simple as ruffles can spice up a look so much. it would also be perfect for when i feel too lazy to accessorize :P but really, the biggest lesson streetstle blogs have taught me is that attitude goes hand-in-hand with what you wear. more often than not those who look their best are those with a ready smile brimming with confidence and friendliness <3

via teampeterstigter


noura. said...

so cute!

Fashion Monstre said...

ahhhhh the patterns!!!! i love them all!!!