Thursday, November 25, 2010


i think this is a pretty subjective campaign
some people love the photography but not the watercolours, but personally i love everything about it
especially those watercolour splatters!

forum spring summer 10/11
natalia vodianova & marlon teixeira by mert & marcus
source: thefashionspot, found via perversely perfect


Forever Boho said...

Love it!! that short is really cool.
Happy thanksgiving!

Peace & Love

Shilpi said...

great post!



Erica said...

I can see where some might not like it but I think the combination is wonderful! Especially in the 4th one! thanks for sharing :)

Hanna C. said...

thanks for all your nice comments:)

unfortunately, i am not following any korean blogs. but it makes me really happy that you're interested in korea:D

oh,and yes i'm korean.


Francesca said...

esther! thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. i see that you live in singapore.. ? I LOVE SINGAPORE. I'm from australia but wish i can go back to singapore to shop shop shop. (by ex-bf was singaporean and had to go back for the army) :( so maybe one day i can visit again but not too soon though >_< i still remember all of the train stations on the green line.. hah :D
love francesca (

Francesca said...

PS- i'm following you now ^_^

Francesca said...

Omg how can you not know where sg is.. how embarrassing?? haha yeah i know there are other lines but he lived on the green one.. near the airport.. so to get to orchard was quite a while standing on the train :P hehe anyway have a great weekend :) i am off to get ready for a dinner. i am taking my boyfriend out awww. LOL.

francesca x

diana kang said...

these are beautiful! and yes! i'll try to do a blog on makeup soon. im obsessed with makeup but i just do whatever on my face. i think its about what makeup you use and so on! anyways thank you so much for all your lovely comments ;)

Hadas -I am your fashion mannequin said...

love it (;

Anonymous said...

LOVE natalia vodianova<3
this editorial is beautiful!
thanks for sharing and great blog ;)
stop by sometime xx, natalie

Perverse Beauty said...

I love these photos! Thanks for sharing. Love your blog, following! Would love it if you did the same.

xx - L