Thursday, September 9, 2010

dream room

would love to live in a place like this..



Anonymous said...

Waah would love to live there too...
That's a wonderful apartment!

Thanks for your comment back ;)
Your friends missed something if they didn't read Astrid Lindgren! I loved it and I still like to read some of her stories.
My whole childhood was stories, stories, stories. Not only from her, many others, too!
Many of my friends also grew up with her stories. But the kids from now often don't even know it..
I think that's really sad, because she was a genius in writing children's books.

Zoe_Flood said...

WOW these photos are just TOO lovely!

christine ♪♫ said...

so creative with the tight space. it's so clean, puts my room to shame :(.

hope you're feeling better btw!

emmy said...

wow that´s just amazing!

Maggie said...

What an incredibly gorgeous apartment--such elegant simplicity! Wish I could pull that off.

Do you know where these photos are from?

Esther said...

hello dear they're from vanillascented as stated :)

chloe said...

oh wow, it so bright and fresh! i love the look, but wouldn't the clothes get dusty being out in the open like that?
must check out the website! x