Friday, September 10, 2010

dazzle me crazy

accessories accessories again.. :)

pandora // style hurricane // pinkdaze // unknown // garance dore
carolinakrews // flickr // unknown // fashion distraction // unknown


Forever Boho said...

wow love that second earring..amazing!!

peace & love

Anonymous said...

Aww I love those owl necklaces!
Sooo cute!

christine ♪♫ said...

Oh Esther, I'm sad to hear that you're in such a bad slump lately. I hope you overcome whatever it is that is making you down. I really believe in positive thinking, so just keep doing that and just not let things get to you. Friday and the weekend is here! Hope you get to go out and do something fun to relax.

Now on to these pictures...
I really love the close up photos. You know I love that type of photography. Beautiful jewelry! I think I want to do this type of shoot this weekend :) Thanks for the inspiration!!

camerafilmroll said...

Those earrings on the earholes are great! Gonna try it out one day!