Thursday, June 17, 2010

nude fascinations

miss unkon's follow your heart blazer

best nude blazer ever! <3
follow your heart, follow your heart.. & buy it?


MT Days & Nights said...

love this color! Also doing a cool GIVEAWAY on my blog. check it out!

Anonymous said...

buy it. your heart says so.

Elaine said...

Love it!!! i want more nude clothing in my closet!

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clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Fashion Monstre said...

agreed! that is the best nude blazer i have ever laid eyes on!

Anonymous said...

You can buy this one at N'8kd Decision!
Shop 2, 700 Military rd, Mosman, NSW
Ph.02 9969 9672.
It will be instore within the next two weeks!!

le pearl said...

yes yes yes <3