Saturday, June 26, 2010

ford models spring/summer show package

ford models spring/summer 2009
newyork fashion week show package

love these mini floral collages <3
great design inspiration anytime
& hyoni kang looks stunning here


this aside, portugal/brazil match was a total let-down :(
i guess i shouldn't have expected too much excitement from two already-qualified teams
but wouldn't you agree that this year's world cup is just.. strange/different/lacking of something?!


Sewon said...

that photo of hyoni makes me want to grow my hair super long. and yeah, that was a weird game...i'm hoping the mexico vs. argentina game will be really good :]

camerafilmroll said...

I agree that Hyoni looks amazing!

Frida Wannerberger said...

i "love" (in a weird superficial way) how models come every season...

Carolina Krews said...

Great models, Ford is the best!


talisa said...

Hyoni <3

the maisies said...

sana's got a great face.
such pretty collages

emily viveur said...

gorgeous! i love hyoni, she looks so alluring in that photo.