Friday, June 11, 2010

adorn me (i)

happy weekend everyone!
heading off to eat great tze cha after work. yum
good food is just the way to kick off the weekend <3

altamiranyc // editorial shot // louise pandora
tumblr // pinkdaze // (last two) marionrocks


Kim said...

I wish i could work the massive/many ring thing. My hands are just too dainty though :(
Lovely post, have fun eating tze cha, .x.x.x

ryder said...

cant wait to have brunch myself

Anonymous said...

have a wonderful relaxed and lovely weekend as well, sweets!

great images for inspiration!

Sewon said...

I love these rings!

Forever Boho said...

Lovely rings.. I am a ring maniac! LOL
have a great weekend :)

peace & love

ClĂ udia said...

I wish I could wear all these rings!


blow8 said...

i love all the rings in this post! too true about the good food. im in need of some right now , love your blog btw.

Alecto said...

wow! to all those rings. it makes me want to go jewelry shopping :-)

Kim said...

Sadly i'm not chinese, i wish. I'm very very english. My mum is a chef so i was brought up on multi-cultural food. Also i'm obsessed with asian culture, it's just so beautiful. x..x

Maria said...

beautiful photos, I love the jewelry*

- Maria, from Charmed She's Sure*

as featured in Fashion Chalet*

Elaine said...

These are absolutely amazing! I love jewelry too but for some reason, that's the hardest things for me to shop for! I just love everything and can never decide on just one thing..

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Gabbi said...

Great accessories and inspirations on what to wear.... wishes for a lovely weekend!♥

couture whore said...

so many amazing accessories! i have to go shopping soon! x

.sabo skirt. said...

Absolutely amazing accessories.

xx .sabo skirt.

Vicky Klbr said...

love the pictures!!!

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rouli said...

amazin post!!!!!!!!!

lovely and so stylish pics!!!!

ur blog is amazin!!!!!!

pls come visit and join:))


.sabo skirt. said...

Ahhh we love each and every one of those rings!!

xx .sabo skirt.

Clara said...

lovely post
amazing blog