Thursday, January 13, 2011

sunlight where art thou

photographs with an awfully lot of natural sunlight will never fail to brighten up the day <3
coming at a great time because i just had quite the crappy day as it is
amazing lookbook by somedayslovin'


Shilpi said...

I love natural sunlight pictures! This collection is amazing as well. Totally getting inspired by that maxi with the cut outs in the middle and the pants in the last photograph



Francesca said...

i know it's been raining here too much, it's god damn flooded! argh. nice post :)

F. (

TONJE said...

Ohmy. These made me long for summer, too bad there's snowing elephants outside. Ah well, at least I can wear my furry hat then! ;-) fell free to stop by sometime!