Monday, January 3, 2011

the 6 wives

i've always had a love/hate affair with history. some historical figures led lives so fascinating & dramatic that narratives of them beat any fiction story hands down. i would be the first to admit that my passion for history lies not in its capacity to educate us on past mistakes but in its vivid archives of people who had led grisly/defiant/intoxicating lives

one that never fails to mesmerize is the account of henry viii & his 6 wives. their stories tell of a period so oppressive that people juxtapose it with their wayward rebelliousness and it's so inconceivable, especially in modern days now, how king henry & each of his wife got together. if you've watched the other boelyn girl you would have some inkling of that. & if you crave much of such like this, iloveyou magazine has put together short pictorial/video depictions of king henry & each of his wife here. just scroll to the entries from mid-novemebr 2010