Monday, October 3, 2011

the rising young

codie young, the australian rising starlet who was embroiled in the huge hooha when pictures of her showed up on topshop's website looking super skinny & rather gaunt. anyhow, i think she's a lovely model with an attitude of her own, and while i personally do agree that she would look better with more pounds on her current frame, the fashion world should stop criticizing all these young models in public over their weight issues. fire the bullet at those fashion conglomerates because many of them do cast skinny models with the motive to get attention from the young generation & drive sales, but the models themselves are sometimes either 1) naturally very skinny - which is why they can be in this line, or 2) dealing with weight & health issues after being driven to an end by this cruel industry. & who deserves more sympathy and concern from us rather than scathing & hurtful remarks


Erica said...

She is striking! Her facial beauty is what really is captivating about her. Its a shame that the industry pushes for thinner frames and gaunt looks when there is so much life and energy in some of these young girls.

Nef 'n Nat said...

her beauty is absolutely unique and fierce! love x