Saturday, October 16, 2010

street, with love

if you havent checked out linda's blog over at streetwithlove, you're missing out on a serious lot! linda is a super stylish vietnamese who isn't afraid of clashing prints & colours, but who still have the uncanny ability to make them look fab <3 fashionistas who favour more subdued & minimalistic colours, not to fret, for she also puts up corporate-worthy looks that are as marvelous. i attribute it all to her lovely eye for details, such as textures, quirky headpieces, & lovely belts. her styles look right out of a professional lookbook, plus her bright, cheerful photography doesn't hurt. she's also an aspiring fashion designer who occasionally updates with her intricate sketches flushed with little details. winsomeness, i must say.

all collages made with photos via streetwithlove


Nora A. said...

oh i think i'm gonna check out that one, looks cool!
cute blog, btw :)

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Paris in Pink said...

Just found this lovely blog of yours. So many beautiful images :) Paris in Pink