Monday, July 26, 2010

a blazing love

browsing through blazer looks makes me itch for working life x)

zimmerman fall collection // natasha poly // vanessa jackman
clothes camera coffee // stockholm streetstyle


Roz said...

I was browing through these photos, admiring the lovely blazers - when I came across one of my outfits! That was a surprise, ahah. Thanks for featuring it, and for crediting me.
I also love that brown blazer with drawstring shorts, beautifully simple.

Carissa said...

the blazer in the first post is darling! i would like to have that!

La Petit Poucet

Anonymous said...

Love love love blazers! Thank you for posting this. I adore soft pink blazers. Those are a must have!


Briana Le & Merissa Ren said...

i love the second image. so incredible!


Lee Oliveira said...

lovely blog you have..
great choices..
the pink jacket is gorgeous.

Clare said...

IN LOVE with the 5th photo! x

simone leblanc said...

fantastic jackets. love them all!