Saturday, March 13, 2010

coco rocha & james

video of coco & her fiance behind the scenes at flare magazine, from her blog
i love coco; she's very confident, she's gorgeous, she looks fun, & she's witty! just read her blog


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Awesome video. im the one who sent you the hand drawn card last year. Just wanted to let you know that i ve changed add to

Am doing more cards and wondering if you wld like one?


Esther said...

hello oh yes i remember you! i loved your card, i had it put up on my hostel room
oh i would love another; i don't know how to draw haha but i could make something for you in exchange!
email me? :)

Rai Ts' said...

Hey I just found your blog!It's amazing!I'll follow you with bloglovin for more fashion updates!Follow me too if you are interested, I'd be really grateful!


Esther said...

oh thanks i'm honoured :)
i love your blog too. your posts are so detailed & in-depth. i'll be following you!